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Master's and PhD


In order to facilitate the measurement of the student outcomes, the following form-generation utility was developed. Simply provide an assignment title (including the course name and number), select the outcomes to be measured and the scale desired, and provide optional examples of the specific items that you would like the evaluator to focus on. A customized, printable form is produced that can be copied and used by external evaluators to assess student work.

Make sure that you collect copies of the student work for the evaluators to examine.

Assignment Title:
(include course name)

Student outcomes are skills that assure the achievement of the objectives of the graduate programs. Before graduating, SECS graduate students must demonstrate their skills in all of the following key areas. Include the following on the generated form:

Master's student outcomes:
An ability to design and analyze a product or process to satisfy a client's needs subject to constraints.
An ability to apply the skills and knowledge necessary for mathematical, scientific, and engineering practices.
An ability to interpret graphical, numerical, and textual data.
An ability to use modern engineering tools.
An ability to recognize when information is needed and to have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information.

PhD student outcomes:
Define and conduct an independent research project that leads to new knowledge in the field of study.
The research seeks to solve, explore and/or investigate a well-defined problem through a logical plan, ending with a clear and meaningful conclusion
The research plan utilizes diverse resources, methods and/or techniques from both coursework and professional experience.